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Heart Transplant Fundraiser for Matt Looby

The Grange, Whallonsburg, 2-6 PM
Suggested donation: $10 (age 12 and above), $5 (age 6-12), under 6--Free


This is a fundraiser to help Wadhams resident Matt Looby and his family cover expenses while he waits for a heart transplant. Matt’s heart has become so weak that he can only survive on an artificial pump (LVAD), which requires open-heart surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston. After a long recovery and intravenous meds, he still has to wait for a heart transplant.  Charie, Matt’s wife, works as an RN at Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital (CVPH), Plattsburgh, but will need to take time off to be with Matt during the surgeries and recovery in the following weeks and months. They desperately need funds to help cover medically necessary travel, lodging, and loss of income.

Ploughman’s Lunch, Celtic Folk-Rock Band, 2:15-3:15 pm
Police Pipes and Drums of Plattsburgh, 3:30-4 pm
Michael  G, renowned musician and keyboard artist, 4:15-5:15pm

Eat In or Take Out, 3:30-5:30 pm
Spaghetti & meatballs or baked ziti, salad from Essex Farm, veggies from Full and By Farm, bread from Dogwood Bakery, Ice cream sundaes from Stewarts!  
Beer from Ledge Hill Brewery for sale downstairs or outside.  
Bake sale throughout the afternoon

How It Works: Sign up for numbered tickets, mark them with your bids for desired items, drop them into a container next to those items. Highest bidder wins!
Raffle Prizes:
Baskets of wine and other lovely items
Fishing reel [New! Unused!]
Full and By Farm: one week’s share
Handmade blanket, coil fabric baskets, lap quilt, placemats, table runner, rugs
Lottery scratch tickets
School supplies
Watercolors and oil paintings
Gift certificates from businesses near and far
. . . And More!

You can also donate to Matt’s cause at 

Updates on facebook:

Matt Looby is a Marine Corps veteran, a talented artist, an amateur astronomer, and a devoted family man. But Matt’s heart is broken.

In 2002 he was diagnosed with “cardiomyopathy,” which greatly enlarged his heart and weakened its pumping efficiency to only 50%. For some it is genetic, but Matt’s came out of nowhere, and it makes this otherwise strong man feel weak, tired, and at risk for other organs to fail.

Matt and his wife, Charie (a Registered Nurse), are the parents of eight children. Five of them graduated from Westport Central School: Charlie, Jimmy, Hannah, Sarah, and John Paul; they also have two adult children.

In 2005, Matt’s heart got so weak that he had to go on disability and give up his job as general manager of a car dealership in Chicago. Matt and his family moved to Wadhams, to be closer to Charie’s parents, Jim and Shirley LaForest of Whallonsburg.

On August 27, Matt will go to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston for testing resulting in one of three options:
⦁    He may be admitted to Intensive Care and put on two IV meds, and would stay there until a heart is available, but at the top of the list.
⦁    He may be sent home with a continuous IV medication in place, and jump up on the list for a heart transplant.
⦁    Most likely he will get open-heart surgery to repair a bad heart valve, have a pump inserted (an LVAD), a battery-operated device that helps pumps his heart for him. This will mean up to 20 days’ hospital stay following LVAD surgery, and then he will have wait for a heart transplant, for up to 6 months.
⦁    Once he gets a heart transplant, he will have to stay in Boston for 3 to 6 months to remain under close medical care.

Matt’s health insurance will cover most of Matt’s medical expenses, but other costs are not covered: Loss of income for Matt and Charie’s work as an RN, travel expenses to and from Boston for Matt’s testing and medical procedures. One daughter lives in Cambridge, near Boston, so Matt and Charie can sometimes avoid hotel costs and stay with her.

To help cover these expenses, the Loobys have already hosted several local fundraisers and set up a GoFundMe page online. For updates and to donate to Matt Looby’s GoFundMe campaign, go to:  
Updates on facebook:


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