Strawberry Shortcake Begins Here!

Each year, members of the Methodist Women’s Organization of Essex Community Church serve up dozens and dozens of strawberry shortcakes to raise funds for the group’s many charitable efforts.

Strawberry Shortcake Day is usually the 4th of July, but this year it will be on Saturday, August 5, Downtown Essex Day.  ECC’s strawberries are special, because the women pick them right where they grow, then prepare them by hand, one by one.

Timing is everything: When the strawberries have reached their peak of ripeness, they need to be picked right away. This year that happened on June 27, when six willing workers set off for Rulfs Orchard in Peru, NY. Several hours later, they had picked 51 quarts (almost 31 gallons!) of ripe red strawberries, which they into the back of a car to return to ECC. There, five more helping hands (Norma G, Doffey V, Janice M, Dianne L, and Tracey D) washed the strawberries, cut off their leafy tops, and froze them for their delicious debut on August 5.

If you like strawberries, this one’s for you--Join us!

Norma Goff