Laity Sunday

Laity Sunday, October 21, 2018

"We Are the Church!"

Laity Sunday 2018.jpg

Each year on the third Sunday in October, the people of the United Methodist Churches across the US and around the world to emphasize the role that lay members have in the total life and work of the church. This year, on October 21, members of Essex Community Church took the lead in conducting the Sunday service. The emphasis was on giving and sharing one's personal talents and gifts with those we encounter in our daily lives. 

Those pictured here (Peggy Hunn, Ronnie Hollingsworth, Courtney Coleman, Jane TerLouw, and Norma Goff) shared their own stories of giving and sharing through the theme of handmade quilts and prayer shawls, works of art and of love that took many hours to complete and were then shared as gifts to others.  

Norma Goff