Youth Ministry Chair: Cathy Phillips
Sundays, beginning at 10:15 am service

At Essex Community Church, children and young people are invited to spend time together sharing friendship and growing their faith.

Our Youth Ministry is tailored for two age groups:

“Bible Story Basics” for children pre-K through age 8

Instructor: George Staats


This series features fun activities designed to help young children build a better faith foundation. They will also hear core stories from the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, that will captivate their interest.

 “Dare to be a Daniel,” for youth in grades 5 to 8

Instructor: Cathy Phillips


This series, named for the bravery of the biblical youth Daniel, encourages young people to have a purpose in their heart and to take a stand for Jesus. Each session invites them to watch inspiring videos, take part in fun activities, and to become more familiar with Bible verses. Here they will develop everyday, practical ways to defend themselves and their Christian beliefs.